Monday, 27 June 2011

Walking Works

Never underestimate the power of good old fashioned walking

Walking is something our bodies are designed for.

Walking is something we are meant to do and do alot of.

Walking us an ideal startng platform for every weight loss plan unless you have doctor's advice stating otherwise or an injury or other reason that prevents you from doing it.

Walking, with my baby and her pram is what got me started on a whole new way of living my life.
I lost 30 kilo's in weight walking with my daughter in her pram, accompanied with healthier eating and as I started to incorporate exercise's and weights I became, stronger, more toned and physically fit than I had ever beleved I could be. I began to really feel that by body was an important part of me and deserved my respect, then the better I treated it the better I felt too!

Emotonal eating is something that I have had to deal with alot and stems from my childhood, it is something that even today I have to be aware of but walking is something I can do easily everyday and walking has helped me so much over the last few years to deal with my stress leves, my post natal depression after my daughter lily and to boost my overall mood so much.
It clears my mind like a breath of fresh air and helps me to regain focus and perspective.
An energising walk stimulates creatve ideas and lovely family bonding as we chat and observe the fascinating world of the outdoors together.

Every day I can look to more ways to get more walking in, from walking my daughter to school, walking to the local post office, walking around my neighbourhood wth my daughters and our dog. Walking to explore, walkng for exercise, walking on a foreshore, walking in a park, walking for stress relief and walkng to get back into shape after havng my second daughter 7 months ago.

Walkng is something I spent years actually avoiding-reparking the car a few shops up the street, circling around and around at the shopping centre trying to get that really close park and then ironically it is walking, simple walking, that helped me find myself and find my passion in life to start helping myself and then to help and inspire others..


Look for walking groups, events and walking tracks in your local area for inspiration and get going with that first step out the front door...

Rebecca x

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