Saturday, 18 June 2011

About Me

Hi! I'm Rebecca Mugridge and Motivated Mum is my blog page inspired by my new and upcoming book Motivate Me which will soon be released as an ebook and hopefully in paperback as well.(Stay tuned for updates!)

A very proud mum of 2 girls; Violet 7 months and Lily 5 years old currently living on the gorgeous Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.
I am a horticulturalist, motivational speaker and writer who is passionate about healthy living, growing organic fruits and vegetables, cooking and gardening with kids, supporting others on their weight loss journey and promoting groups and programs throughout Australia that inspire and help people to live healthier more active lives.

I am the Author of The Pram Diet Book my heartfelt and supportive book to other mothers struggling to lose that baby weight or just wanting some great inspiration to get healthy.
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I also do freelance writing and have had pieces appear in WHO, Woman's Day, Baby Buzz, Bunnings Warehouse Garden Club Newsletters,, Bug in a Book and more.

Looking for a writer/contributor for website or magazine articles?
Looking for a guest speaker for an upcoming event, writer's group or community program?
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  1. You are so right about watching movies to get you pumped up. So today I am going to gather my 3 little babies and pretend I am training like G.I. Jane. I love Rocky too. Thank you!


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