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The following is a SNEAK PEEK from MOTIVATE Me the book by Rebecca Mugridge
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'A book of inspiration, information and motivation.'

Motivate Me will help anyone wanting to make positive changes in their lives, anyone wanting to free themselves from food obsession, endless diets and negative feelings when they look at themselves in the mirror.

In this book is also why. Why we so often go wrong on countless diets, why we might overeat, why we might be eating our emotions, why we might self sabotage our dieting efforts, why we must first look within to feel good without and why we need to clean up, unclog and trim down in other areas of our life too.

This book is about changing your life. Forever. Regardless of what diet plan or group you have chosen to follow, what changes you intend to make this book will help you along side your journey.

It is about finding that motivation, motivation not just to finally lose that weight but motivation and inner strength to be all you can be, motivated to be healthier, calmer and happier with who we are and to want to passionately take better care of ourselves as the whole person we are.

Becoming motivated is becoming the best version of yourself that you can be.
It is believing in yourself. It is feeling empowered to your deep core.
It is knowing and realising that you are special, that you are worth taking care of.
It is wanting to take care of yourself.

MOTIVATE ME by Rebecca Mugridge
An empowering book for a healthier lifestyle.

No-one can live your life for you. It is you that must take the reins. You are stronger than you think. You are more talented than you think. You are more capable and more worthy than you have ever believed of yourself.

To lose weight and keep it of for good we need to take care of the whole person, the physical side of our bodies, the internal health of our bodies and our emotional side. Our thoughts, self belief, self esteem and how we see ourselves are just as important as taking that first energising walk towards a healthier you and that first meal of eating better. It is feeling a vibrance in your life that comes from appreciating, respecting and liking who you are so that you do become the very best version of yourself that you can be and that is powerful indeed.

Whatever method you chose to follow to lose weight, be it just making healthy choices and being more active, joining a gym/weight loss centre or program or following a specific diet or a tailor made plan created by an expert specifically for you the best way to succeed in the long term is to believe in yourself, build your emotional and physical strength and embrace healthy, positive lifestyle choices.

We will all come to a point when we feel that decision inside us.
That point is crossed and we don't want to look back.

We might have seen ourselves in a photo, had a health scare, realised we have a wardrobe full of clothes we can't fit into or are feeling trapped in our bodies not really living our lives as full as we could be, not really as happy as we might like to pretend we are, really not be as OK with our reflection as we might try to make out.

We become ready to move forward, to let go, to be inspired, to become energised, to take that first so very important and life changing step.

To be motivated..

"The 11 year old girl stands by the edge of the pool, the cool blue water dazzling with life as the sun tickles its surface. There is no breeze and her hair sticks to her face in the summer heat. Behind her she can hear the excited voices and chattering of all the other children as they in turn each make their way along in the queue and through the gates to join in the excitement of this, the first day day the pool is open for the summer. She can feel the excitement building inside of her entire being, she looks down at the beautiful, brightly coloured new two piece swimsuit her ever loving and thoughtful mother had surprised her with on this very day, and smiles, it perfectly matches the excitement of the day. The sun no longer seems sweltering but rather deliciously warm as it basks everything with its glow of happiness. She places her bag on the soft grass, under the shade and returns to the waters edge. She knows she should wait for her friends but she is so filled with delight and thinking of nothing but the very moment she is in, as she is overcome by the temptation of the inviting water and stretches her body fully and completely unselfconsciously into what she believes to be a graceful and elegant dive into that wonderful water. All at once she is overcome with an aliveness and contentment as she moves through the water, she bursts through surface, her face covered in a contented grin of pure and complete joy. It is because she is so overwhelmed by the utter delight of the moment and all the glorious sensations that she is not at first even aware of the small group of slightly older girls by the pools edge. Their laughter and pointing grabs her attention as some of what they are saying suddenly becomes apparent. "What is she thinking, wearing a two piece!", "Fat and ugly girls should not be allowed to the pool". So caught of guard is she, so taken aback that her 11 year old self does not know how to react. She leaves the pool, on this day, this day that was so important, and felt so exciting and magical, this day that she and friends and been so impatiently waiting for, for what had seemed like forever. She tells her confused friends that she does not feel well. She walks calmly and quietly most of the way home, until she reaches the quiet secret spot she has spent so many a wonderful day with her good friends, it is there where she feels safe and alone that she releases her hurt and weeps uncontrollably against her beloved favourite tree until her young body can cry no more. She had always known she was not a small girl, always been described as 'solid', but it was not until this very moment that she had ever been truly ashamed of how she looked and felt such intensely awful feelings of her self. She went home that day, but didn't tell her mother of whom she was close to, she never told her friends. She kept the hurt inside. A ball of hurt that would grow and follow her into adulthood, effecting her self confidence and starting an all consuming obsession with her weight and food, and keep her from ever truly feeling completely happy and loved.

When she was blessed with a daughter of her own, she was inspired and moved by this beautiful, pure and precious girl, so full of radiance, so full of life. She made a decision. She was going to change her life. She was going to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle and become a positive role model to this precious baby girl, she would show her daughter that you can achieve amazing things when your heart is in it, she was going to find her self belief, find her inner beauty, find her inner strengths and be the great woman that the 11 year old girl had always wanted to become, and she did.

"I was that 11 year old girl "

No part of this may be copied, reproduced, printed or otherwise used without the author's expressed permission.


  1. Wonderful page Bek. Keep up the good work! Look forward to the release of your new book! xx

  2. Hi Bec,
    Love your new website. Can't wait to read your new book, Motivate Me!

  3. Beautiful and inspirational Bek!

  4. Your writing is just so natural and easy to relate to. Thank you Rebecca; you must be so proud to have helped other women. :)


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